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Welcome to the Virtual Office
VSee Video Tele Medecine
First time Users
Steps to use the virtual office:

1. Call 706-4320 first to confirm the On line appointment.

2. Click on the office image on the right.
This will take you to my  Wecounsel Page

3. New Clients please click on the WECOUNSEL SAMPLE to view the login information to start a session request. You will use IL (Illinois) for the State. Add your email and phone number with area code. Follow the instructions from there.

4. It is preferable to use a good earphone or headset and good microphone to keep the communication clear.

Returning Clients 

5.You will not have to reinstall Wecounsel. It should be an app already on your device. Simply click on it and check in. Please accept the invitation to the Virtual Office from your Therapist to enter your online session.

3. If there is an internet interruption the therapist/consultant will reach you by phone to continue the session until the internet connection is reestablished.
Privacy and Confidentiality Disclosure:

Please click on the Disclosure Document on the Appointments Page to download and review it before your  first appointment. 
In accordance with Share-Consulting Human Services' policies and procedures, all client information will be kept in strict confidence and will not be disclosed under any circumstances, with the exception of information as required by law or a client's revelation to cause harm to self or others. In such cases the client will be advised to contact the local police or emergency services for immediate help (see Hotline Numbers provided below), Share-Consulting does not make any claims to recovery from severe and serious mental health illnesses through its practices, However, there is strong evidence that shows extreme stress is at a high in society, contributing to individual non-performance and mental health breakdown. The use of Professional Services in Performance Improvement, Counseling and Psychotherapy has shown significant success in helping to alleviate and mitigate the effects of stress on the human condition.


If you feel you are in danger of being harmed or causing harm to yourself or others please call 

Emergency Numbers:


Hotline Numbers

Childline: 800-4321
Domestic Violence: 800-SAVE (7283)
Life Line (Suicide): 645-2800, 645-6616
Rape Crisis POS: 622-7273, S'DO: 657-5355
Rebirth House (Substance Abuse): 623-0952

​As listed in the Trinidad & Tobago Business Directory

Wecounsel, is a secure interface used by Counselling Professionals  for client interaction.  Share Consulting has added this service portfolio to provide extended services when office visits are difficult or not possible.