Sharon S Beepath
M.Sc. Human Services/ Mental Health Counseling., Capella University, Minneapolis, USA
B.Sc. Social Work, UWI, Sta TT

Sharon graduated with distinction with a Master of Science degree in Human Services specializing in Mental Health Counselling. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work, a Diploma in Education, and a Certificate in Public Relations.

Helping Educational institutions, Sharon brings her 10-year experience in teaching to the consultation process and uses the social-emotional learning model to develop parent-teacher-student relationships for successful class-room outcomes.

In Human Resources for businesses and organizations Sharon meets leaders to help them improve human relations and performance through proactive team building, job description development, and employee driven motivation.

As a therapist for Professionals, Individuals, Couples, Women and Families, Sharon uses a positive, strengths-based approach in a relaxed, private, professional setting. She offers preventive and skills training workshops, regular mental and emotional health check-ups, and long-term psychotherapy and counseling, and is committed to achieving the holistic well-being of clients. 

Sharon is a member of the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association and other recognized professional counselling bodies in the United States, and adheres to the high Code of Ethics laid down in their guidelines.
My work is my passion and helping my clients achieve their highest potential is my magnum opus! ... after the kids of course (lolz)


If you feel you are in danger of being harmed or causing harm to yourself or others please call 

Emergency Numbers:


Hotline Numbers
Child Hotline: 996 or 800-2014
627-0748, 623-7555, 625-7151

Domestic Violence: 800-SAVE (7283)
Life Line (Suicide): 645-2800, 645-6616
Rape Crisis POS: 622-7273, S'DO: 657-5355
Rebirth House (Substance Abuse): 623-0952

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Privacy and Confidentiality Disclosure
In accordance with Share-Consulting Human Services' policies and procedures, all client information will be kept in strict confidence and will not be disclosed under any circumstances, with the exception of information as required by law or a client's revelation to cause harm to self or others. In such cases the client will be advised to contact the local police or emergency services for immediate help (see Hotline Numbers provided below), Share-Consulting does not make any claims to recovery from severe and serious mental health illnesses through its practices, However, there is strong evidence that shows extreme stress is at a high in society, contributing to individual non-performance and mental health breakdown. The use of Professional Services in Performance Improvement, Counseling and Psychotherapy has shown significant success in helping to alleviate and mitigate the effects of stress on the human condition.


Workshops-Individual & Group
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)
Social-Emotional Developemnt
Solution Focused Therapy
Person Centered Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Eclectic Approaches
Online Counselling
​Phone Counselling

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Garimaa Gupta (External Consultant)
M.A. Psychology/Counseling, NWU, Illinois USA
B.Sc., Behavioural Science,  USC, Sta TT
People are resilient and this kind of proactive intervention works!
Garimaa  graduated from North Western University with a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counselling. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioural Sciences from the University of the Southern Caribbean.

Garimaa focuses her expertise on children, giving voice to the importance of childhood experiences and the formative effect it has on later abilities to cope and adjust to an individual's changing environment.

Garimaa believes that these foundational years are the basis of fulfilling life experiences which require the education of parents and children to understand the importance these play in the moments that will define their lives.

Garimaa is currently working in the United States as a Child Therapist and is required to adhere to the high Code of Ethics laid down in the guidelines of the American Counselling Association.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)
Play Therapy
Art Therapy
Person Centered Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Behavioural Therapy
Jenny Lio (Intern Early Childhood Consultant)
B.A. GS, Early Child Hood/Psych/Coun
Caribbean Nazarene College
Hearing a client say that this has turned their life around is the most fulfilling feeling I can get!
Every child is special! Hearing a child's voice as they express themselves in their own way from their own perspective, this is my calling
Lee-Anna Maharaj (Intern Early Childhood Consultant)
B.A. GS, Psych/Coun, Early Childhood
Caribbean Nazarene College
Indira Ramdeo-Alexander(Intern Early Childhood Consultant)
B.A. GS, Early Childhood/Psych/Coun
Caribbean Nazarene College
Diana Downes-Alleyne (Intern Early Childhood Consultant)
B.A. GS, Early Childhood/Psych/Coun
Caribbean Nazarene College
I truly believe Education is the key to improving life. When I help my client become more of who they are, to arrive at their highest capacity, that is my goal!
Bonding with children comes naturally to me. Understanding how they learn and transforming them holistically, in every aspect of their being is important to me!
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Intern Team 

Past Interns ( 2014: Althea David, Sabrina Ali, Marsha Medford. 2015: Jenny Lio, Lee-Anna Maharaj, Indira Ramdeo-Alexander, Diana Downes-Alleyne. 2016: Videya Jagnanan, Joan Griffith-Stewart, 2017: Pastor Hazel Richards, Karen Mangaroo-Rampersad, Ornella Hosein.
Senior External Consultants
Senior Therapists/Consultants

Business Execs
Support Groups

Self Esteem
Emotional Stress
Exam Stress
Stress Management
Mood Swings
​Personality Difference
Karen Mangaroo Rampersad (Intern Early Childhood Consultant)
B.A. GS, Early Childhood /Psych/Coun
Caribbean Nazarene College
Ornella Hosein (Intern Psych/Coun Consultant)
B.A. GS, Psychology and Counseling (ECCE)
Caribbean Nazarene College
I enjoy interacting with children of all ages. I see the need for professional counseling in my area of work. Developing my passion for counseling has helped me realize what I am called to do!
I am fascinated with the brain and the way the brain functions and why people do the things they do. I enjoy this field because I get to witness the unfolding of the happiness of others...and that makes me happier!
Current Interns 2018: Rayya Mohammed-Khan, Sharon Derrick
Rayya Mohammed-Khan, Bba. (Intern Child and Adolescent Consultant)
Diploma Child and Adolescent Counselling
Ensafe Institute
I always had an insatiable desire to understand human connections and its importance in building family foundations that extend love to the wider society, affecting real and positive change wherever I am.
Karenn Seunath (External Consultant)
M.Sc., Criminology/Criminal Justice UWI, Sta TT
B.Sc., Psychology/Criminology UWI, Sta TT
What makes people do the things they do? Is it conscious or is it something deeper? What is our human threshold? How do we control our thoughts, or do we? The answers to these questions fascinate me with every new client I meet.
Karenn graduated from The University of the West Indies with a Master of Science degree majoring in Criminology and a minor in Criminal justice. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminology from The University of the West Indies.

Karenn is using her knowledge and understanding of human behaviour to help clients understand how they may be influenced by both their internal and external environments and what they can do to address changes they want to make.

Karenn is especially interested in the psychology of children and focuses her expertise on how they develop coping mechanisms when faced with stressful situations. Karenn believes that if we can tap into the deeper experiences of the individual we can make much more genuine connections and thereby create healthier relationships.

Sharon Derrick (Intern Psych/Coun Consultant)
B.A. Psychology and Counselling/Theology
Caribbean Nazarene College
This field has been my passion from my childhood. But more recently I have come to realize the importance of people understanding their own life story. I see my role in that process as helping them put together the why's the when's and the how's of their life experiences.
Afeefah Ali (External Consultant)
M.Sc., Child Psychology, Kingston University London, UK
B.Sc., Psychology Special, Human Resource Management Minor, UWI, Sta TT
 I believe that every child is endowed with resiliency. But, I see and feel the struggle that children face when they have been exposed to traumatic life experiences. I am impassioned to finding a resolution to helping children find that place of love and safety with their families or simply finding a way to get them closer to happier times. 
Afeefah graduated from Kingston University London with a Master of Science degree in Child Psychology. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Resource Management from The University of the West Indies.

Afeefah specializes in understanding typical and atypical development of children. She especially focuses on techniques to build resiliency and self-esteem in children. 

Afeefah is also interested in understanding the influence and impact of technology on youths in this modern era with an aim to expounding on the benefits of technology as it relates to the advancement of development in childhood. 

Afeefah currently works in child protection and holds a special interest in working with children who have experienced mild to severe trauma, including child abuse and neglect.