Serious Stare

Get A

Clearer Perspective

What to do when life changes and our sense of direction loses clarity..



Sometimes life presents us with competing or confusing views and we feel the need to get a Clearer Perspective in order to understand what we are looking at.

Using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Person Centered, Share-Consulting's Insight Development Approaches, a therapist works with you to develop that perspective so that you can gain deeper understanding of the issues at play and get back to enjoying your life.

Sort through varying, competing and conflicting thoughts and ideas



Sometimes its hard to know if we are just in a slump or if our symptoms may be something more serious. A Clinical Assessment of thoughts, feelings and moods can bring more clarity, which in turn can determine treatment and intervention.


Clinical Assessments are also effective for developmental and personality differences, which can be supported through therapy, thereby improving one's performance and self-esteem.

Therapy Session



Stacking Blocks

In the Words

Of a Child

Understanding the Language of a Child



Children, like teenagers and adults, experience unique challenges in their lives. They interpret the world in their own language. The therapist can help re-interpret the child's words and actions so their thoughts and feelings can be heard and understood.


These Sessions are designed to support Children ages 4-17 years old. The therapeutic interventions use creative approaches to target issues surrounding:


  • Traumatic Experiences

  • Life changes/Adjustments

  • Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence

  • Youth Empowerment

  • Stressful Events

  • Anxiety/Fear

  • Resiliency

  • Mentorship

Professionals and Students... 

who are working in the field of Human Services and Mental Health including: Counselling, Social Work, Psychology and related fields, require their own personal sessions to address their psychological needs on an on-going basis.

Facing the life experiences of their clients helps them broaden their understanding of an issue from their client's perspective. But this exposure may also bring up unresolved and other personal life issues.

These sessions will help Students and Professionals to tell their own story and manage their own Mental and Emotional Health and Well Being.

Support Group Session

Mental Health

Professionals & Students