Marriage Counselling and Divorce in TT

Are our Emotional Love Banks Overdrawn without Consistent Deposits?

Sharon Derrick presents the idea of "Our Emotional Love Bank"

On April 17th, 2018, Sharon Derrick and her colleagues presented this informative discourse at the Chaguanas Indoor Sporting Arena, the topics of Marriage, Counselling and Divorce. At the event, Sharon spoke of maintaining a 'good emotional love bank'.

Key Presenter, Sharon Derrick.

"The things we do for each other will either deposit or withdraw from the account. Once you enter into a relationship, or you are getting to know somebody, or you are spending time with [a] person, the things you do for or to each other, [means that] you are [then] making deposits or withdrawals into [that] account." -Sharon Derrick

A Love Bank is tantamount to the relationship you have with your significant other. The things you think, say, and do are the deposits or withdrawals that affect the feelings of each other. When our feelings are hurt, it is a withdrawal, and when our feelings are helped then it is a deposit.