At Share-Consulting Human Services, we believe that all human experiences are meaningful. We take the time to Listen to our clients and to build a Partnership with them. We start every session with a Belief in our clients' views of their life experiences.

We strive to earn our clients' trust in our expertise, by providing professional analysis and interventions, designed to help them tell their truths, and strengthen their belief in their own potential.

We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, including: Continuing Professional Development, Peer Supervision and Client Confidentiality and Privacy. (Read it Here along with the Client Agreement and our Disclosure).

We take great pride in having established ourselves as a group of qualified and trained professionals with the highest commitment to a Single Agenda, that is, Supporting our Clients in Achieving their Highest Potential. 

We are unwavering in our NON-ABANDONMENT and NO-DEBT POLICY. This is a revolutionary business model to ensure that every client receives our uncompromised expertise, without the burden of financial debt. (Read more Here)

We recognize that Human Relationships will, at some point, be exposed to some level of stress, trauma, abuse, or other difficult and life-changing events, and that these experiences will stay with us and influence our outlook towards ourselves and others, as well as our hopes and fears about life itself.

Our mission is to reduce the negative effects of these significant life experiences wherever they take place, such as in the: home, school, workplaceorganization, business or social group, and thereby create a more positive environment in which we can all thrive and grow together.