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"Stay Safe"

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

During the pandemic of Covid 19, this phrase has become very popular. However, it has presented many challenges and dangerous risks for those trapped in violent and abusive relationships.

If you are in such a situation, here are some steps you can take to get yourself to safety:

  1. Make a list of people who might support you if you reach out to them.

  2. Call the top three and tell them about your situation and that you may need their help for a short time.

  3. Make up a password that is short and easy that you can text or call them with. You will use it only if you are in danger and they need to act immediately, or call the police on your behalf, to get you out.

  4. Give them access to your regular locations as well as your phone location, just in case they need to track you.

  5. Put together some basic clothing, snacks and water. Stay hydrated. You will need your strength. If you have a child, then get milk and other food items to last 1or 2 days if you have it. Also, take their favourite toy, comforter, book or other item that gives them a sense of comfort.

  6. Gather your most important documents (also for your child/children) if they are going with you, including:

  • Birth certificate

  • Drivers Lic

  • ID card

  • Bank card

  • Passport

  • Any other important documents

You are almost there! Make the call when you are ready to move out of this situation. This can sometimes be the hardest step, especially if this has been a long-term relationship. You can do it! You may feel nervous, anxious, scared and feel like you want to change your mind. Stop! Remember the phrase..."Stay Safe". If you just stay, it will not become safe. Now might be your best chance to leave. So, keep working on your courage, get to a professional counsellor to help you.

Once you are out of harm's way, a therapist or counsellor will work with you to get a place for you to rest and recuperate. Then they will help you put together a plan to get you back on your feet, and keep you and your little one "Safe".

Reach out today. You deserve to be able to "Stay Safe"

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