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'Stand Against Abuse TT'

We uphold a preventative approach to eradicating abuse wherever it exists. 

What We Do

Founded in 2017, Stand Against Abuse TT is a Non-Profit initiative, providing Abuse Prevention Training to businesses, groups and institutional clients.

This approach to stemming Abuse and its devastating long term effects on the physical, psychological and economic health, of our people and the nation, is effective due to its personal and non-invasive model.

What Inspired Us

Inspired by the story shared by a child, who was abused by a teacher and had no recourse to address the abuse through established channels.


Only after coming to therapy for the effects of the abuse, we understood that there was an immediate need for preventative methods to raise awareness around the causes and re-occurrence of abuse

What Is The Goal

  • To implement a sound Abuse Prevention Program in partnership with Schools, Organizations and Businesses.

  • To remove the stigmas of shame and blame surrounding Abuse.

  • To provide support for healing and forgiveness through Abuse and Trauma Interventions.

Ways to Help

How YOU can HELP:

Sign our Petition

Sign our Petition

Abuse hides in Plain Sight.

Be An Ambassador

Be An Ambassador

Become an Advocate for Change.

Buy Local

Buy Local

Promote Financial Security for Youth and Women

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